nifty Options Buy Sell Signal Software

Best buy and sell software with 95% accuracy to help you earn profits.

#1 Accurate Nifty Trading Buy Sell Signal Software in India

A precise tool for nifty options trader, providing trading signals which helps you locate trading opportunities. Each signal shows/prompts you when to buy, when to sell, and where to set your stops and limits.

Follow The Steps Below To
Trade For Buy Call

Buy call in nifty option 18200 pe is generated at 205 and target is 236.. achieved successfully with the profit of 31 points
  •  Green Upward Arrow
  • Volume should be green
  • In downward graph green should be above white horizontal line 
  • In below line graph blue line should be rising 
  • Book your profit at target 3
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Follow The Steps Below To
Trade For Sell Call

Sell Call In nifty Option 18500 Pe Is Generated At 526 And Target Is 447.. Achieved Successfully With The Profit Of 79 Points ​
  •  Red Downward Arrow
  • Volume should be Red
  • In downward graph Red should be above white horizontal line 
  • In below line graph blue line should be rising 
  • Book your profit at target 3
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Winning strategy for trading

Time Frame

Time frame between Five and fifteen minutes charts will be good for the one who is ready to close the trade without exposure to the overnight risk. But if you are willing to make a big profit then weekly and daily time would be better to get you earn  humongous profit.


It’s very important to know what your system indicates to you. To take entry or exit, you need to have some patience for the system to indicate you. Don’t make any decision in a hurry. The market is not going anywhere so better to wait for the right time to take an entry than to regret it later.

Realistic Expectations

However, sometimes the market can make a bigger move than you expect, so being realistic means you can not make $2000 profit with the investment of $300 in each trade. Playing  with proper stop loss and targets can ease your trading journey, so keep your target realistic.

Trading Software

Risk control leads to a successful trader. Making a proper entry into the trade and taking profit at the right time can help you in building a stronger portfolio. Manual trading can lead to big losses so it’s better to have a good buy and sell signal software to earn decent profits.