5 Benefits Of Automating Your Trading

Automated trading can play a big part in your trading success in this blog, I’ll outline the five best reasons why you should be using automated trading.

1. The banks do it

There’s a reason investment bank and hedge fund pay millions to undertake algorithmic and automated trading and pay hundreds of millions of dollars for cables to trading exchange that’s because, it makes them profit in fact automated trading makes a big significant amount of their profits and trading volume in general if bank and hedge funds are using automated trading software to make profit then so should we.

2. It stops you from making mistakes

3.Work-life balance

The second biggest reason to traders want to trade after making money is to get a better work-life balance a trade room plus we trade short, intense periods in the morning and afternoon this provides of a lot of time outside trading to do. As we wish automated trading takes this a step further once you have the system setup you do not need to be at your PC at all in fact. You shouldn’t be monitoring your automated trading at all in the short term, it needs to be left alone work out on its own nature a trader can have a mixture and balance of automated trading strategies and discretionary manual executed strategies. The balance can be shifted according to a trader’s current needs and desires.

4. It prevents you from missing out on opportunities

A major issue for traders is battling the fear of missing out. There are a few things more annoying in trading than missing out on a great opportunity this often results.

In trading over trading and making reading errors an automated trading strategy. We will take all the opportunities that have been designed and set up identifying the market on it. You do not need to sit there monitoring the market all day to make sure you do not miss out.

5. It helps your other trading

It helps you of your trading traders fail because they get in their own way they strangle undermine their trading systems. Which prevents them from working seeing a system play out the way it was designed to will feed into your other more discretionary trading strategies. Once you see taking losses makes you more profitable you’ll cut your losses batter. Once you see holding on to threads until I hit profit targets makes you more profitable you’ll stop snatching profit as much.